Words of Inspiration from our Inspiring Millennials!

Fail so you learn from it. Then turn that failure in to knowledge. Once you get in a position to help, that knowledge becomes wisdom so pass it on to the next person”. 

“If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand”… Remember that the possibilities are LIMITLESS… you are LIMITLESS- Blue 

“Read intentionally. Read every book you can find by the most successful people in that particular industry”. 

“Keep your day job while growing your business. Stable income affords you the opportunity to maintain your sense of urgency without reaching a point of desperation” 

“It’s always great to have a plan but it’s better to know how to execute that plan. Most people plan, plan and plan again and sometimes that planning can be a disguise of self-doubt”. 

“Always do what YOU feel. Not what others are telling you are best for you. Experiment with your sound, be comfortable with what you create and know that there’s only up from there” 

“Understand that it is totally fine to make mistakes, this is where you will become better because with each experience is a new opportunity to grow”. 

“Trust the process. Know that nothing ever happens to you, EVERYTHING happens for you. All things work together for good, for those who love the Lord”. 

“Don’t be afraid to try something new or go for what you want. Have an open mind, don’t be deterred by criticism, and don’t stand in your own way”. 

“Just do it & to do everything your heart desires. The hardest step for most of us is to get started, but once you do and are able to taste the freedom that is on the other side of your purpose you begin to pursue it relentlessly”. 

“Never give up. You’re gonna get a million NO’s, but that one YES is what’s going to take you over the top”. 

“When you become a business owner, still act like an employee.  Hold yourself accountable by coming in on time.  Be an example to your employees, not a dictator”.

” I’ll say be kind. People will do business with you because they like you and want to see you flourish”. 

“Take risks! Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith to take you to the next level. Also find a way to distinguish yourself from the competition”. 

“Do not just keep waiting for the perfect time. Take that risk because you never know that one risk might be your reward”. 

“Develop best practices for your health, physical and mental, your personal relationships and business goals. It helps you pace yourself without feeling overwhelmed too often and make sure on the way, you STILL LOVE IT”. 

“Just do it, and if you gone do it well”. 

“One thing I learned is that your environment affects your thoughts and therefore your decisions. If you surround yourself with winners, you’ll win. And there’s no losing; only experiences gained”.

“Take your time building your brand and focus on what separates you from the fold.  Believe in yourself even in times when it feels like no one else does, and make peace with being your biggest cheerleader”. 

“Just do it”. Shoutout to Nike for the tag-line. No but seriously, you cannot move forward without taking a step, even if it’s a small one, take it. “. 

“Everything you need to fulfill your purpose God has already put inside you”. 

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