When You Look Good, You Feel Good: Lifestyle & Wellness Expert Rachel

We all have heard when you look feel good..and it isn’t just a myth. It is the truth. When you invest in yourself, body, are making an amazing investment and contribution to yourself that will pay off in the long run. It is not just about grooming yourself for vanity but taking the time to invest in yourself and practice self-care.

Self-care is on-trend, I get it.. but it is REAL! Taking time to better yourse, to groom yourself, and grow yourself is a luxury that we all should be able to doesn’t have to be a expensive spa day or anything costly these can be sleeping in…taking a run…reading a chapter from a book…or rewarding yourself in any capacity for showing up for yourself in this demanding and instant world we live in. Being able to show up for yourself in this world is tuff but yet we do it..we work hard, we pay the bills, we commit to jobs we love or may not love. We do so much and often forget to reward ourselves..As a licensed cosmetologist..I am aware of how closely..wellness and beauty are I said before, not just for vanity reasons but for sanity reasons.

When we take time to get that hair cut, or blowout, or manicure..or just sit still and breathe..we are taking time to connect with ourselves..we are making time to show up for ourselves and validate our selves. We all deserve self-validation and often. We deserve to know we are putting just as much efforts into our personal selves as we are in surviving, maintaining and thriving in life. So before you skip that beauty treatment or service…ask yourself who are you really being loyal to. Who are you really showing up for on a day to day basis? Make sure you are taking care of your number one investment..which is yourself! I enjoy the time..I get to empower and build up my clients..I love when a client leaves with a whole new attitude thanks to my services. I look forward to embellishing the Align readers with some amazing lifestyle content, so stay posted for more wellness and beauty gems!

peace, love and self-care!


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