Traveling Post Covid-19

What will traveling be like for millennials post COVID-19?

As we adjust, nationwide, to new social distancing methods and a new appreciation for sanitation and cleanliness; we can’t help but wonder what this means for our travel lifestyles and the trips we still hope to plan.

First, let’s take a look at what airlines are doing to ensure the safety of their passengers and employees. According to the Star Tribune , we can expect to see a lot less beverage carts as major airlines, such as Delta, have already removed them from domestic flights. This will minimize person to person contact throughout the aircraft which, in result, minimizes the risk of infection. In my own experience with flying mid-pandemic, what I noticed is that they dispense pre-bagged snack bags for passengers that contain a bag of Cheez-Its, those delicious Biscoff cookies that we crave, as well as one single Purell hand sanitizing solution. In addition, there is a flight attendant greeting everyone at the door ensuring that everyone is wearing their face coverings.

Photo by Yassine Khalfalli on Unsplash

With more advanced precautions, Emirates can be considered the first airline to require on the spot blood tests that provide results within a speedy 10 minutes prior to boarding their flights. Once results are recovered, the passengers will receive a certificate of clearance, which some countries are actually requiring for entrance.

Although, our traveling experience will be different, we can still expect positive impact on travel for now. Granted, circumstances are still fluid — but there will be many fearless, brave-hearted and courageous travelers who won’t let even a worldwide pandemic stop them from catching a flight – so in that case, where are we going? With health being a new primary concern, attractions now open for business, several restaurants open with restrictions, hotels limited on staff; it’s hard to say!

With insight from Forbes, “A lot of travelers are staying home. Only real, systemic changes will bring people back … But even with some people starting to travel again, the numbers may not reach pre-pandemic levels anytime soon.” To know where we will travel when the world re-opens is like asking that question to a jack-in-the-box; we won’t know until it happens. It will be necessary for travelers to not only consider traveling to hot spot areas, but also returning home to their family members when they leave those hot spots. People are starting to seek more secluded beaches with less traffic to experience more open air and less activity and exposure.

Photo by Yingchou Han via Upsplash

Overall, we should expect that most airlines will be enhancing their cleaning and pre-boarding routines. Unfortunately, there is no worthy way of verifying new cleaning habits are being executed. So, it will be important to trust the airline you are flying with and seek airlines that provide service with integrity. It is also a responsibility of us travelers, to take our own precautions; washing our hands and face, carrying hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and sanitizing suitcase handles, cellphones and ourselves throughout each airport, aircraft and TSA scan that we pass.

Vayda Sorel

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