Top Millennial Travel Destinations 2020


That’s what many of us are thinking right after we book our vacations. Millennials are currently leading the march and are driving growth within the travel industry as we have truly made traveling a priority in our lives.  To us, travel is life!  We on average spend more money on vacation than any other age group.  You can see many of us taking to our social media accounts to show off our latest excursions and experiences from abroad. 

When you need a change of scenery and just feel like you need to get away and you’ve got a few extra funds to spare, traveling is where it’s at. 

There are many popular places on the map that are frequent favorites so we have compiled a list of the places we feel will be the most popular destination travels for 2020, both established and up and coming that Millennials will be flocking to this year. 

Here are our top destinations:

Costa Rica

The original inspiration for Jurassic Park, the lush green forests are how many Millennials have pictured a jungle paradise.  They have hot mineral rich waters that will massage your back and wash all your cares away.  Consistently ranked one of the happiest places on the planet, Costa Rica is leading the way on key Millennial issues like ego preservation and sustainability.  Almost all of the countries’ electricity comes from renewable sources.  Meaning your tourist dollars are more than likely to be reinvested wisely

Cape Town, South Africa

This country is amazingly diverse.  In Cape Town, you will find beautiful beaches, great restaurants, scenic safaris and much more.  South Africa’s history with apartheid and it’s cultural renaissance is of particular relevance to many African American travelers.  The hospitality in this country is amazing and will have you wanting to return again and again to experience all this wonderful country has to offer.  Millennials in search of diverse experiences will get their fill in this capital city from ocean driving with sharks, to sky diving over Table Mountain, down to the harbor to trekking up the iconic Devil’s Peak.  Beautiful weather also means a full schedule of cultural festivals throughout the year. 


This Caribbean island is rich in beauty and tropical attractions.  This island is known for it’s beautiful beaches and vibrant reggae and dancehall music scene, it also has plenty of plenty of gorgeous waterfalls, historic colonial houses, and interesting museums.  People travel far and wide to experience the reggae music and Caribbean cuisine but the locals are really what make Jamaica worth visiting.  Their enthusiasm and pride in their heritage can be seen in everything they do.  Step one foot in Jamaica and it’s not hard to see why this is a top Millennial travel destination.


View of the Eiffel tower at night from Tour Montparnasse, Paris.

For more the past two decades, France has been considered the worlds’ most popular top tourist destination and Europe’s most diverse country to explore. France receives up to 82 million foreign tourists annually.  From the beaches of the Riviera to shopping in Monocco to the cafés of Paris, there is a lot to experience packed into this one country.  Also known for romance, Millennials can get swept up in Frances sophisticated culture, dazzling landmarks, exquisite cuisines, fine wines, and picturesque country side.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Easily one of the most desirable travel destinations for Millennials and everybody else. Chiang Mai, presents a great alternative to the hustle and bussel of Bangkok without compromising on the country’s traditional culture.  You can navigate through picturesque downtown Chiang Mai on foot or take a short scooter ride to the old town where Monks walk barefoot among the street vendors.  For the wild life lovers, you can travel just an hours’ drive away to visit the nature parks.  There you will find elephants and tigers sanctuaries, and many other exotic animals that have been rescued.


This country’s rich history goes back thousands of years.  It’s crazy to think that only 50 years ago, Vietnam was torn apart by war, however, today, it is one of the top traveling destinations in the world.  It’s not the cheapest city in Asia but experiencing this country is well worth it.  Vietnam has both natural and cultural beauty that will satisfy any preference like the 3,400 km of beautiful coastline or the enormous mountains in the West.  The culture changes dramatically from North to South, so travelers will get to experience different vibes as they make their way around the country.


Dubai is the largest and most popular city in the United Arab Emirates’ and one of the most fastest growing cities in the world.  Everything goes in this city, which seems to have no limits.  Dubai is definitely not the destination for a small budget, having a reasonable budget will certainly help while traveling to this top destination.  Once a desert outpost, this city has transformed itself to a top destination of high rises and shopping malls that attract thousands of tourists annually.  Top attractions here include The Atlantis hotel and the longest zip line in the world.  While here don’t forget your photo-op in the desert.


Brazil is one of the most captivating destinations in South America, known for its’ beautiful people and rich culture.  Tropical islands, lush rainforests, marvelous cities, and picturesque sandy beaches can all be found in this tropical paradise.  Millions will be traveling from all over the world to experience all this country has to offer; especially since any budget can easily be accommodated.  There are also beautiful cities that are sure to keep the fun going well into the night.  Cities like, Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world, full of landmarks draw millions of travelers annually or Rio de Janeiro, which is considered among the world’s most exciting cities with spectacular natural settings and festive beach scenes and carnivals.

Honorable Mentions


This is definitely a top Millennial destination spot but due to the devastating wild fires that ravaged the country earlier this year, tourism will more than likely be halted or severely impacted while the citizens recover. 

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