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Align Magazine got the chance to sit down with Millennial entrepreneur, Tajh, to discuss the success of WearBrims, a luxury hat company that he co-founded and to get words of advice for other entrepreneurs following similar paths. Here is what he had to say…..

Tajh, tell our readers a little bit about yourself  My name is Tajh Crutch, I am from Queens, New York by way of Enterprise, Alabama. I have 6 brothers and 1 sister. I graduated from Troy University with a bachelor in Computer Information Systems and I have a passion for fashion. I am the Co-Founder of a Luxury fedora hat company called WearBrims.

Ok, outside of general information, tell us one thing we should really know about you?  One thing you should know about me is that I am my mom’s second child and was the heaviest child she had. Me knowing that I was her hardest birth makes me work harder and grind so that I can make her life easier because I gave her a lot of pain at birth so I want to make sure she does not feel pain anymore.

“I always knew I was different and creative because when I was a baby I didn’t play with the average toys like other kids. I would cut the picture of the toys out of the toys r us magazine and play with the paper toys.”

Tajh Crutch

Nice! Describe Wearbrims and how you started the company My business partner and I founded Wearbrims in 2016; we pulled inspiration from our grandparents and family members. I wanted to get into the fashion world and I’ve always wore fedoras so when my business partner, Archie, called and said, “Hey lets create our own fedora company” I knew that was it; and we started our journey. We feel like our Brims are the tools for a person to help execute their fashion style.  It helps expand beyond someone specific type of style.

Has your entrepreneurial journey been an easy one so far? The creative pursuit for me being the co-founder of WearBrims has been an amazing journey. We started from scratch not having a mentor or anything to help guide us so we really had to do our research and struggle against error. We had to make sure every move we made was better than our last one. Some challenges I overcame were receiving bad samples from manufacturers and my designs not being executed the way I envisioned the Brims to come out. It was not until we found a great production company based up north that I was able to create without really any limits.  By the time we started working with them, I knew the right questions to ask so our hats started coming back better than ever.

What would you say sets your product apart from all other competitors? What sets us apart is that we help create confidence in our Brims. We want people to know when you are wearing our hats that you are wearing a statement piece. You are wearing a Crown because we are all kings and queens so always walk with your head high so your Brim can be seen. Our Brims represent a timeless style that will last long after we are gone.

I really like that! Since you’ve started the company, what has been your fondest moment thus far?  One of the fondest moments in my career was being asked to come back and speak at my alma mater Troy University. It felt good to be able to go back and tell my story to the students who are starting their own journeys and help spread the knowledge I have learned so far on mine. I felt that some of my stories and information might help them progress a lot quicker on their path and help them skip a lot of negatives feedback I received.

Tajh, looking forward, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now? In five years I see WearBrims opening up our first flagship store right here in Atlanta, Ga. At that time being able to create freely and keep provide amazing hats that the world has never seen before.

That sounds amazing man.  Who would you say has influenced you the most in your life? The most influential person in my life is my mother Newatheia Hill. She has always been there for me through my ups and down and always encouraged me to be different and follow my dreams and passion. I love her with all my heart.

Sounds like you two are close.  How would you describe yourself as a child?  As a child I was really quiet and kept to myself. I always knew I was different and creative because when I was a baby I didn’t play with the average toys like other kids. I would cut the picture of the toys out of the toys r us magazine and play with the paper toys.

Is Atlanta a good city for your company?  Yes I feel like Atlanta is a good city to build a brand in because there is a lot of black support in this city. Atlanta is field with a lot of black entrepreneurs that are trying to build their brand just like me so it helps when you have like-minded people walking around you everyday.

And Tajh, lastly, what would you like to be remembered as?  I want people to remember me as the person that walked his own path. I created my own lane and stayed on it no matter what. I was the person to take the fashion bullets so that everybody else can feel comfortable.

Give one piece of advice that you can share with fellow Millennials One piece of advice that my mother told me was: Make sure whenever you die, you die empty. What I mean by that is follow your dreams, try everything you want to do, get everything out now while you still on this earth. Do not just keep waiting for the perfect time. Take that risk because you never know that one risk might be your reward. 

Contact info:

Website: www.wearbrims.com</p>

Email: tajh@wearbrims.com

Instagram: @wearbrims / @tajhcrutch

Facebook: @Wearbrims

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