Aligners, meet Stephanita!

Tell us about yourself? 

Hello Everyone! My Name is Stephanie but you can call me “BrunchBae! I am the creator of the brand “Brunchin with Bae”. I am originally from Miami, Florida by way of Brooklyn, New York but I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, where I have lived for the past 6 years. I’m a fun-loving sister of 3 brothers and an all-around good time. It is a pleasure to meet you

Tell us about your organization or creative pursuits?  

A year ago, I created my brand. @Brunchin_with_Bae introduces you to the ultimate brunch experience and pairs it with a networking adventure. Via Instagram, breakfast lovers swipe through pages of “food porn” from some of the most festive brunch locations I’ve visited. I get tons of DMs from people looking to have their own #BrunchBAE experience and I’m always more than willing to share my #BanginBrunchList. In the future, I hope to help people schedule their own personal brunch outing via a stellar Brunch with Bae App.

Has your journey been an easy one so far?  If not, what are some challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Starting my brunch brand was easy… I mustered the courage to get past my insecurities and just did it. Maintaining the brand afterwards is what has proven to be the real challenge. When I started my Instagram page I focused all of my efforts on developing meaningful content and growing my following but since then I’ve taken on several other projects like co-hosting a podcast and acquiring a social media marketing manager position for a small nonprofit. This has of course made it challenging to remain consistent with my brunch content. To overcome these challenges, I have made it my duty to delegate my time wisely. I create schedules where I can fully focus on each brand commitment twice a week. On specific days each week, each endeavor receives my full attention. So far it has worked pretty well.

What’s one thing we should know about you or your business/art?

Many people don’t know that the “Bae ”in Brunchin with B.A.E is an acronym for (B)lack (A)spiring (E)ntrepreneurs.  The purpose is to encourage my audience to use brunch as a networking opportunity to build meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs like themselves. I love using the letters with interchangeable words like, (B)old (A)nd (E)levated or (B)acon (A)nd (E)ggs. It can be anything that translates into (B)enefiting from (A)ttaining (E)ncouragement from like-minded individuals. 🙂

The purpose is to encourage my audience to use brunch as a networking opportunity to build meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs like themselves.


What sets you apart from competition (if there is any)? 

I don’t believe one person’s success defines or hinders another. Just like there are many makeup companies and car brands, I love that there are so many people who like myself enjoy building meaningful content and have a social media platform to share their creations. To me, I don’t see any other brunch bloggers or brand ambassador as competition, I see them as potential partners for building a conglomerate of brunching experiences to our shared audience. No matter how great I may be at creating content and you may be at brand building, “none of us is as smart as all of us.”-Ken Blanchard

What has been your fondest moment in your career thus far? 

In this first year of  building my brand I must say my fondest memory has to be the publishing of my interview about my brand in a popular local magazine. It was my first time seeing my brand as something concrete, I could see it and hold it. I’m sure it’s similar to the feeling a writer gets when they get the first copy of their book in hand or an artist when their album drops. It’s like a compilation of all your hard work, live and in color. That is why I was so excited to do this interview; to get the chance to have that feeling once again.

What do you like to do in your free time?

You mean aside from working on ways to grow and improve my brand lol? My most enjoyable moments are spent with my friends and family. For the most part I’m an extrovert and love being around positive energy and good vibes. I’m not a TV person but when I do get a chance to sit in front of the screen for a few hours I’m a reality TV fanatic, it’s a relief from everyday stresses. Last but most importantly, I live to travel. I always say my sole purpose for working is to afford plane tickets. If I could quit my job and travel for the rest of my life I would be in complete euphoria.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now? 

In five years, I would love to have established residual income through my brand that would allow me to accumulate wealth faster. At that point I could invest in bigger business ventures, travel and have a more flexible lifestyle!

In 10 years I would love to be the host of my very own Brunchin_with_Bae Talk Show. I would invite aspiring entrepreneurs on set to cook some of their favorite brunch dishes, and discuss their business aspirations, all while sipping on bottomless mimosas. What can I say I dream big!

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

Not to sound cliche or anything, but I’d have to say God is and has been the most influential “person” in my life. He has literally ordered every single one of my steps, and has led me to where I am. There were times I felt like even if I wanted to fail he wouldn’t let me. I owe every ounce of my future success to him, I’m just the vessel.

Who has been your biggest musical influence?

Anyone who knows me knows I adore Aubrey “Drake” Graham. He is an artist I feel creates music for the masses and has remained consistent in character from the day he made his presence in the music world. He seems authentic and genuine and a serves as a model for remaining true to yourself no matter the circumstance

How were you as a child?

As a child I would definitely say I was a creative. I was in Gifted, and spoke three different languages by the age of 10. I enjoyed the arts, played piano, and have fond memories of winning plaques at the Youth Fair for delivering noteworthy monologues. I jumped at the opportunity to be the center of attention by performing in talent shows, emceeing for school events and even serving as news anchor for my middle and high school news channel. I guess you could also say I was fearless! I didn’t think about if I’d fail at something I just did it, I did it ALL. Looks like that way of thinking is finally coming full circle

Is your city a good place for what you’re doing? 

Like I mentioned before I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. If there was a city that could be named as the Mecca for brunching it would have to be the A! Not only does it feel like the ENTIRE city participates in this foodie tradition, every restaurant put its own spin on making the otherwise calm and peaceful outing into an outright extravaganza! The food options are endless, the mimosas are bottomless, and festivities are effortless!

What would you like people to remember about you when you’re gone?

After I’m gone all I would want to be remembered as is someone who was genuine, kind, and  a loving person. I would like people to share that I was someone who motivated others to reach their full potential and purpose in life.  That I was a God fearing woman who always placed others before myself and treated even strangers with empathy. Basically I would like people to remember my character and how I made them feel.

Contact info:

Email: stephanita08@gmail.com

Instagram: @Brunchin_with_BAE / personal @1908Stephanita

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