It’s 2020: Take Nothing Personal


2020 should be the year of taking nothing personal. Yes, you read that right.  You should spend all of 2020 making nothing others do about you, because honestly… what others do isn’t because of you… it is solely based on them. It falls back on the way they were raised or sometimes it’s just how they were feeling in that moment. If you live taking things personally…you will live in a constant state of shambles.

You must understand, people live in their own movie.. in their own reality and none of that has anything to do with you.  If someone is rude.. it is not because of you.  If someone is nice.. it is not because of you.

When you truly grasp this concept, you will release so much pressure and stress from your life. I take this concept from the book “The Four Agreements”, this book is written by Don Miguel Ruiz (great read, btw) and gives you four agreements to live life freely. To live life unbothered and realize that every mind is a world; meaning everyone has his or her own movie playing in their head of life; and it is totally separate from you…!

Go forward today knowing you don’t have to concern yourself with other peoples point of views.  Once you see that each point of view has nothing to do with you, you will be free from the opinions of others.  You will be free from those who blame you, slander you, and reject you all because you realize one thing… none of it, has anything to do with you!

So make this year great by remembering not to take anything personally! Happy 2020!


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