Aligners, meet D.J. Moultrie

D. J. tell us about yourself? I’m an investor and strategic business partner who is focused on growing and expanding global networks of all the clients i work with through strategic partnerships and / or join ventures in the private space and government space as well.

Tell us about the Black Equity Network and how you got started? I am the founder of Black Equity Network. Our mission is to provide the framework, resources, and the relationships to bring about harmonious strategic partnerships or joint ventures that improvise the Black Community on regains or global scale. This all began as I began to study economic justice and realizing how one of the best ways for us to elevate to another level was through alignment.

That’s pretty cool. Has your journey been an easy one so far? This journey is all about what’s in your mind. It took me a awhile to understand this. It’s all about what you decide your life will be. As you make the decision to be on a certain path everything you need on that path will show up. My biggest learning lesson was to stop looking outward and look internal. Once I did that everything began to elevate.

What’s one thing we should know about you or your business? I’m in the business of forming strategic partnerships and join ventures. That’s where my joy comes from. Merging two worlds together for the ultimate good for the culture and the the companies overall.

What sets you and your business a part from competition? I’m never here to compete. I’m here to be my highest and best self. I root on everyone. It took me awhile to figure this secret out. The secret is to root for everyone. Wish them the best even if they wish you the opposite.

Looking back over your career, what would you say has been your most fondest moment? My biggest moments are when I help yo put other people in position to win. From highlighting business owners, investors, facilitating strategic partnerships, or simply making an introduction.

“My biggest learning lesson was to stop looking outward and look internal. Once I did that everything began to elevate”.

D.J. Moultrie

What do you like to do in your free time? My free time is used to study and make myself better. Figuring out what else I want to learn how to do is key. I want to get better and better on a daily basis. Learning is very relaxing to me.

In 5-10 years from now, where do you see yourself? I will be overseeing many different companies and projects. The plan is to elevate others around me to live their best life. I definitely can see myself and my tribe living overseas in several cities over the course of a year.

Who has been the most influential person in your life? The easy answer is parents. They literally are there majority of the time it’s hard not to say them. Outside of their direct influence I would say studying Malcom C and Tupac allowed me to find out about many of the things I’ve learned today. They both allow you to see how the system is current and how we must move indolent as a culture. Those two along with figures like Angela Davis were hard to ignore when I was younger and even now to be honest. I still put up those work often to remind myself of the bigger picture.

Describe yourself as a child I saw the world differently then most people. I always wanted to figure out how to own things and how to build brands. I would study Nickelodeon and Disney and see who had the better lineup and why. I looked at movies and saw the business behind it. I have no idea why I picked this up so early but indeed this was how I used to think. Glad I didn’t lose that imagination.

Is Charlotte, NC a good city for what you’re doing professionally? Everything I’m involved is designed to live a hybrid digital nomad lifestyle. Never want to be solely grounded to one location. Charlotte, NC serves as a great headquarters for the weather, finance sector, and the laid back culture. Plan on having serval other headquarters in the future around the world.

What would you like people to remember about you when you’re gone? I want people to remember someone who decided to have a vision for their life and created it in every moment of their life. We have the power to manifest our highest and grandest dreams. Before it’s all said and done it’s important to leave that legacy for those who are in the process of finding themselves.

Contact Info

Website: Apple Podcast – Black Equity Podcast

Email: djm@djmoultrie.com

Instagram: @mrdjmoultrie | @blackequitynetwork

Facebook: D.J. Moultrie

Twitter: @mrdjmoultrie | @blackequitynetwork

Other: text “BlackEquity” to +16692382434

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