Aligners, meet Dave “Philly” Mack!

Align Magazine got the chance to sit down with Millennial history maker, Dave Mack from Philly, to discuss his latest business venture and future goals. Here is what she had to say…..

Dave, nice of you to chat with us. Tell our audience a little bit about yourself My name is Dave Mack but most know me by Philly Mack, a name from college.  I am from Philadelphia, West Philly to be specific, a graduate of an HBCU Johnson C. Smith University by way of Benjamin Franklin High School.

Tell us about your brewery company and how you got started? My company’s name is Mack Brewing Co., we are an up and coming Craft Brewery based in Philadelphia. I got started in this business, simply because I enjoy beer not just those big names you always hear about. I enjoy the fresh new ideas of beer, new flavors and styles. But up until 2013 I’d never seen African Americans owning breweries. Most think I got the name of the company from my name, but that’s not 100% right. I started doing research on Black Owned Breweries and found the story of  Theodore Mack Sr. and his company Peoples Brewery in Oshkosh, Wisconsin the First African American owned Brewery and off I went on my journey.

Has your journey been an easy one so far? What challenges have you had to overcome? LOL!! No. My journey has not been easy at all, there is a lot of paperwork when it comes to opening and operating a brewery some of which I am still navigating as we speak. One of the main challenges of the journey like most Black Owned Businesses is capital and being very selective on the capital you receive.

“I never had the opportunity to see my parent’s name on an office door. Not only will he see it on the office, but he will see it on the building!”

Dave Mack

What’s one thing we should know about you or your business? We are the definition of a good time! #MackHasMoreFun, we are that feeling you get when you have great music and great friends, that’s the vibe we aim to create.

What do you believe sets your product a part from competition? Well the first thing that sets us apart from others is that we are one of the first black owned brewing companies in Philadelphia. We are not trying to follow the same blueprint as most breweries, we want to bring those new beer drinkers into the fold. we aim to bring those ‘I only drink liquor’  and ‘All beer taste the same’ types to the table and show them just how deep this rabbit hole of flavor gets when it comes to beer.

When you think back on your journey thus far, what do you think has been your fondest moment in your career? 2019 Fresh Fest Beer Festival when Garrett Oliver Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery and the editor in Chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer told me he liked my Mack IPA.

Free time. Those words seem foreign for some of our Millennials entrepreneurs. What do you like to do in your free time? Most of my free time these days is spent playing Ball-Ball (Basketball) LOL! With my 3 year old son. The rest is spent brewing beer and expanding the Mack Brand.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now? In 5 to 10 years I hope to be working on a 3rd Brewery, the first of the company outside of the US.

Freshly made bottles from Mack Brewing Co.

Who has been the most influential person in your life? As of 3 years ago, my son. He has shown me how to be patient and love life for everything that it has. My son/ my Young Bul has changed my life. I never had the opportunity to see my parent’s name on an office door. Not only will he see it on the office, but he will see it on the building!

Describe yourself as a child. I was always on my bike riding all over the city looking for a way to make some money.

Is your city a good place for what you’re doing? Yes, it’s a great city for what I am doing. My brewery is one of the first black owned Brewing Company in the state.

What would you like people to remember about you when you’re gone?
My intuition, intellect, resilience, and technique

Give one piece of advice that you can share with fellow Millennials The best advice I can give is that it’s always great to have a plan but it’s better to know how to execute that plan. Most people plan, plan and plan again and sometimes that planning can be a disguise of self-doubt. Stop thinking that your product is inferior to others. Sometimes you just have to DO THAT SHIT and let the world see what you got going on.

Contact info:

Website: https://www.mackbrewingco.com/

Email: macknmore6@gmail.com

Instagram: @MackBrewingCo

Twitter: @MackBrewingCo

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