Bar Hopping is an Art Form

Bar hopping is one of my favorite past times.  It is truly an art form that doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  At least once a week… ok, at least two to three times a week, do I link up with friends and enjoy a night out on in the city.  Generally, the plan is to always hit as many spots as we can with as little to no problems as possible.  We show up, buy a drink one or two drinks, vibe, and then we’re off to the next location.  I’ve been bar hopping for quite a few years now and I’m pretty much a guru so I thought I’d provide some tips to ensure you enjoy your bar hopping experiences just as much as I do.  Whether you are new to the bar hopping scene or you are visiting a new location, these tips will make sure you ge the best out of your experiences.   

Do Some Research

The point of bar hopping is to have fun! You can’t have fun if the bar is dead and the drinks are overly pricey.  To ensure you have a successful night, it is worth it to put in a little effort and do some research into what the popular bar and lounges are in the area.  You can go on social media, sources like yelp, and even word of mouth.  It is also important to know what type of crowd and vibe each establishment has and on what day.  Yes, you may have heard that one particular bar is the hottest bar in the city, however, on Thursday nights, it may be salsa night and you don’t want to spoil the momentum by ending up there accidently. 

Map It Out

Nothing is worse than getting lost within a block radius of the place you’re trying to go too.  The GPS is telling you that you have arrived but all you see is an empty parking lot and everyone is now looking at you like you owe them money. To avoid this situation from happening, map out where each location is prior to going.  If you have free time during the day, it may even be helpful for you to drive by to check out the scene and surrounding areas for parking and landmarks. It is also helpful to map out the night in advance, prior to when the drinks start flowing.  You want everyone to have a general consensus about the flow of the night just in case something happens, everyone knows the game plan.

Be Flexible

I always find it beneficial to have a game plan in almost every situation, but when it comes to having fun and experiencing something new, sometimes, you have to be flexible and just give caution to the wind.  You don’t want to be that person that brings the energy down because you are rushing everybody to stay within a particular timeframe or upset because plans changed and there is another spot the group wants to visit.  Calm….down! It’s never that serious. If you are that person, just remember, bar hopping is most fun, when the group is engaged and having fun.  Have your game plan, but remain open to whatever may come your way.  The random moments are what typically makes nights memorable.

Eat. Drink. Do it Again!

Now, if you are going to bar hop, then you need to commit to bar hopping.  Find out what each establishment is known for.  What is their signature drink? What dish or appetizer are they best known for? While you are visiting each location, really immerse yourself in the experience that each establishment wants to offer you.  This is a great way to spark up conversation with other people around you.  Look at what they are eating and drinking.  Ask them recommendations.  This works for me like a charm.  I usually end each night meeting a new acquaintance or person I feel like I’ve known my whole life.  Then, head to the next location where you can do it all over again!

Pace Yourself

Always remember to drink responsibly.  Millennials love a good turn up but safety should always be first priority.  Many people have fallen victim to turning up way too fast and not being able to make it through the night.  You don’t want this to be you.  Sadly, if this has already been you, we don’t want this to be you a second time, so please, remember to PACE YOURSELF! Drink plenty of water in between drinks to stay hydrated and make sure you are eating enough food to sustain yourself throughout the night.  Remember the goal is to successfully make it to the end of the night.  Also, know that it is okay to take a break or say no to drinking.  You don’t have to drink at each location just because you’re there, especially if you feel you are at your limit.

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