ALIGN is an entrepreneurial and lifestyle digital publication that is dedicated to celebrating the successes of millennial entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators primarily in the Atlanta, Ga and Charlotte, NC metro and surrounding areas; however, our reach is already spanning worldwide. From innovative entrepreneurs and passionate activists to creative fashion designers and talented artists, we spotlight the journey and accomplishments of these professionals and have in depth conversations about the various barriers to success and what it really takes to align with your purpose and pursue your passions.   

Intended to be a hub for creatives, respected businesses owners and everyday people making a living doing what they love, our hopes are to increase entrepreneurship and awareness within African American communities everywhere and to increase the statistics regarding millennial’s in entrepreneurship by providing content that will educate and inspire our readers to take action and create. 

Valuing the concept of networking across, we want to build a community of like-minded people that learn, encourage and share ideas with one another about business, culture, lifestyle trends and best practices that will aid their continued success. In saying this, we hold high the words of a famous African proverb:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

To learn more or to get involved, please send an email to Info@thealignmag.com


What’s up Aligners! I am Darace Barnes, the creative behind Align Magazine.  I am from Rocky Mount, NC and a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University where I majored in Communications with a concentration in Journalism.  After college, I assumed I would be the next big news anchor on CNN but reality set in and my life went down a completely different path.

It took years of figuring out what my passions and gifts were and what I wanted to offer to the world… I knew working in a call center was NOT IT! I got tired enough of my situation that I decided to make some changes.  Instead of waiting for someone else to provide opportunity for me, I decided to create my own, and thus Align was born!  I have a passion for meeting new people and connecting likeminded individuals; I believe together, we can go further in our pursuits than if we go alone. 

Staying true to the concept of “networking across” I wanted to create a publication that not only celebrates millennial successes but also touched on real topics we as millennials, entrepreneurs, and creatives go through in pursuit of our goals all while balancing everyday life.  My goal is to align as many of us as possible and create a tribe of people who aid and inspire each other in all of our personal and professional endeavors.

Thanks for Aligning with us!



Meet our Lifestyle Editor Rachel Zeigler! Rachel is a licensed Cosmetologist with a passion for natural hair and wellness. Rachel practices cosmetology in in Los Angeles, California and is the owner of Embellished by Rachel which is a beauty brand that strives to promote wellness and beauty together, because we all know…When you look good..you feel good but not just on the outside but..mentally, physically and spiritually! Rachel has a Youtube channel which helps connect beauty and wellness for your viewing pleasure!  To learn more about Rachel, follow her on Twitter @rachelzeigler_ and Instagram @embellishedbyrachel for beauty inspiration wellness and lifestyle hacks!


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Jonathan Coleman (also known as the podcast host Some Guy Named Jay) has been a driving force in the world of entertainment journalism for over a decade, best known for writing phenomenal pieces that shine light on small business owners, articles centered around bridging the gap between the mainstream media and the indie music and entertainment scene as well as covering major milestones and events. Coleman, has reported and written for numerous publications (magazines, newsletters and weekly digests) such as the prestigious but now discontinued Florence, SC based magazine Random Thoughts, Artist Magazine, and many others before starting his own Southeast Hip Hop Magazine in 2010 which grew to be a very successful music and entertainment blog that has helped move the careers of many artists forward, not just in the Southeast but all over the nation.

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