7 Tips for Surviving Quarantine

For some of you this social isolation has been the most peaceful experience ever.  Staying indoors, watching tv, not having to get dressed, and just lounging around the house in your underwear is all you ever wanted out of life in the first place, right?  But for the extroverts and those always on the go, these past few weeks have been a nightmare! We’ve seen the tweets, the Instagram posts, and the Facebook statuses begging for better days, and we thought we’d assist during this time of crisis with a few quarantine survival tips, to keep you busy and occupied until all of this blows over!

Focus on a hobby or honing in on a new skill

This is the perfect time to put your creative juices to the test and focus on a hobby or learning a new skill that may be of use once you crawl out of your quarantine hole.  Schools everywhere are offering up free online certifications and classes.  Take advantage of these opportunities as some of these programs are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.  (OFFER A SCHOOL). The stock market seems to be a hot topic right now also.  Watch some YouTube videos, register for a class, consult your smartest friend; do whatever you need to do to get a head of the game.  

Start a business

Times of stress and uncertainty bring out the very best in people sometimes.  Some of the most notable start-up companies were created during tough economic times.  Companies like Venmo, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, and What’s App were all start-up companies that were founded during the last recession.  The point we’re making?  Now is the perfect time to figure out what problems people are currently experiencing and brainstorming the perfect business model to serve their needs. Some of the most iconic companies of the next decade will undoubtedly be launched during these surreal times.

Spend time with family

This pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for some families.  Historically, troubled times and enduring hardships together, have brought families closer.  Covid_19 is no different as the shelter-in-place order and the mass loss of jobs, have made family time abundant in many households; not only in America, but all over the world. Parents are praising teachers and the school systems like never before after having to deal with their own children every day all day for weeks.  Take this time to really soak up every moment with your loved ones.  Who knows if we will ever get an opportunity to “just be” like this again.

Work on health and fit

All the gym rats and personal trainers are going through it right now with the closings of fitness centers all across the country.  Many people have took to the streets and local parks to jog and work out to keep their bodies in shape until the gyms open back up.  This is perfect time to work on your health and fitness.  Use your time to look up healthier alternatives to your favorite recipes, try out some at home workouts, and look at the latest beauty trends as bloggers everywhere have been uploading lots of new content with all the free time. 

Zoom calls

Zoom has become a life saver for millions during quarantine. Whether you have to work from home or just need some human interaction, Zoom has been the go to platform to connect with people all over the globe.  People have been hosting all types of virtual meetings and events; anything from happy hours to networking events.  It’s a virtual party everywhere as people are getting dressed up to sit in the living room in front of their computer screen.  If you haven’t hosted a meeting yet, you are missing out! ,


Nothing helps the time go by faster than busy work.  Got a pile of papers that need to be sorted out? Or some old clothes that you need to finally look through? Well, this is the perfect time to reorganize and even redecorate your living space.  Nothing helps the time go by faster than a DIY project.  Popular sites like Pinterest can help you bring all your ideas to life and help pass the time away.   

Reflect and gain clarity

Now that the whole world is on pause, take the time to reflect on your life thus far.  Reflect on the decisions you’ve made leading to this very moment, visualize the future you want for yourself, create a plan and set goals for your future.  Now more than ever, is the perfect time to plan! The world is granting us a much-needed intermission, use it wisely.  Do not let this time pass you by and you not make the most of it.  We don’t know how long things will last, but you want to make sure when it’s over, you are ahead of the game or at least ready to hit the ground running. 

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