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"Our Mission is to promote Self-confidence in people to realize the power they have in every facet of life; with the ultimate goal of creating synergy amongst us as a People. I want us to realize knowledge is true power and we can attain knowledge on our own"


"I want people to remember me as the person that walked his own path.  I created my own lane and stayed on it no matter what. I was the person to take the fashion bullets so that everybody else can feel comfortable" 



"I would say this journey has been anything BUT easy.  It's been memorable, rewarding, a tremendous learning experience, however the pace, finances required and sacrifices made along the way define what it truly takes to excel in your efforts to become a successful entrepreneur"



"In 5-10 years, I will have a family of my own, running a few businesses and traveling while servicing people where there is a need whether it is in regards to hair education or another area of need"


"I started modeling in 2016 and created Casa De Mansa in 2018 which is an online boutique that sells and promotes African artisans crafts"



"Recently I am 1/3 of a women's empowerment group called Femme Diaries.  We tour different cities providing safe spaces for women to openly discuss relationships, health and sex in a judge free zone"



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The Secret Recipe to Success

Have you ever wondered how certain people on Instagram become successful? They have the followers, they get the engagement on their post, and they seem to be selling out on their products or services all of the time. You’re looking at their page and thinking, what is the secret? How can I get wh


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